Price: 199$ (16 Classes, 2 Hours per Class) VHS Certificate after Completion...............

Course Description : "Adult Hindi Summer Program"

Theme: Learn about the main National /religious / seasonal festivals of India and understand “unity in diversity” by researching & collecting information through Video presentations, co-operative group discussions, arts & crafts projects, recorded authentic India Republic/Independence Day parade or Mela videos, interactive mythological stories followed by quizzes.

Participants will be able to realize the significance and the relevance of festivals in respect to Indian culture like: to honor a deity, celebrate the agriculture cycle or a religious story/event.They will be able to present information on festival creatively & coherently through role play in class, audio-video presentations, sequence the practices related to the festival and able to create an illustrative booklet on festivals of India for VHS blog page & VHS Youtube channel.

Day (Twice a week)

Friday              Sunday                 


6 PM  - 8 pm CST        

Duration : 1 June 2020 to 31 July 2020

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