Evening 2 PM - 3 PM CST (Weekdays)(Monday to Friday)

Prerequisite: No Hindi or with very little background in Hindi.

Price: $349 (no make-ups)

Duration : 6th July to 21 August (7-week Program) 35 classes


This 7-week course aims to enhance your ability to communicate in Hindi so that you can enrich your life with delighting memories and effective social influences.

The overall goal is to develop a cultural understanding of India in students. Students will be able to express their opinion and compare the cultural and traditional differences between the USA and India. Which in turn helps them to understand global changes and imbibe the modified & modern versions of their own culture

E-Learning Experience

Learn about the main National / religious/seasonal festivals of India and conduct your individual research on anyone festival (student will share their findings in last class) by collecting information through weekly class video presentations, co-operative group discussions, arts & crafts projects, recorded authentic India Republic/Independence Day parade or Mela videos, interactive mythological stories followed by quizzes.


Participants will be able to present information on festival creatively & coherently through role-play in class(enacting in a mythological skit/drama like Ramayan, Krishna-Radha, etc), creating a festive event planning for local area within the class group; able to sequence the practices related to the festival followed by an audio-video presentation for VHS youtube channel. They should also be able to create an illustrative booklet on festivals of India for the VHS blog page.

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