Price: 199$(16 Classes, 2 Hours per Class) VHS Certificate after Completion...............

Course Description : "बच्चों की  कलम  से Young Authors Club (Junior)"

The goal is to help students gain confidence in the Hindi language and hone their craft with an immersive workshops in hindi fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry for both new & accomplished young writers. 

Learning Experience 
Through our intensive workshops and engaging literary outings, VHS offers a rigorous and challenging writing experience for potential writers. Moreover, supported by the guidance of experienced instructors and authentic resources like: one liner advertisements, short skits, short stories created by famous authors. We also believe the best writers have the ability to criticize their own works; therefore, we will provide revising and editing exercises woven into our curriculum. And lastly, to help spark creativity in our students, we will be reading short books provided in our curriculum.


Students will be able to create a small story, skit, comic book, one liner advertisements, simple rhymes, simple messages, youtube videos and their work will be featured on VHS blog, Facebook Page and Website.

Day (Twice a week)

(Monday/Tuesday)          (Tuesday/Thursday)        (Friday/Sunday)      


11 am CST - 1 pm CST     3 pm CST - 5 pm CST     

Duration : 1 June 2020 to 31 July 2020

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