Kaksha 2 Africa

VHS Certificate after successful completion of Annual Program.

Program Name:

Kaksha 2 

Proficiency Level



7-8 years


No Previous knowledge of Hindi Language

Course Format

Semester Base

Course Length

16 Weeks

Class Duration

Once in a week for 1.5 Hour


Online on VHS E-Learning Portal

Program Schedule:

Start Date End Date Fee (USD) Total Classes
Semester-1 Jan 2022 May 2022 $199 16 Classes
Semester-2 Jun 2022 Oct 2022 $199  16 Classes

Course Description: 

The language objectives in this course is focus on providing students with opportunities to both extend and incorporate their prior knowledge of thematic vocabulary in the target language. Student will successfully communicate personal information about themselves, while making connection with other people in their classroom and their school community. They are introduced to Hindi Vowels and consonants, greeting words, numbers, colors, classroom objects, body parts,fruits, vegetables, food, cloths, home and neighborhood etc. They will use this vocabulary to make simple rehearsed sentences to converse with teacher and other students. Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are developed by incorporating the interpersonal, interpretative, and presentational modes of communication in each unit and lessons. Students will create projects based on the above thematic unit. They will take part in cultural activities to better understand and appreciate Indian culture. This will give them a respect for diversity and a love of language


  • Greeting
  • All about me
  • My Extended Family
  • My Friend and hobbies
  • My school
  • My neighborhood
  • My Pet
  • Homework Commitment: 

    Each topic will be having quiz, projects on our platform Homework/studying/quizzes (2-3 hours/week)


    Formative assessment: lesson checkpoints, digital flashcards, pronunciation of target vocabulary, teacher observation, partner discussions and interactions, worksheets etc.

    Summative Assessment: Projects, Online quiz, class presentations, audio/video presentation midterm and year end exam etc

    Integration Technology: Vedic Hindi School E-Learning Portal, Audio/Video Lessons, PowerPoint presentations, Vedic Hindi School E- Text Book and Workbook

    * This Program has two Semesters.

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