Price: 199$(16 Classes, 2 Hours per Class) VHS Certificate after Completion

Course Description: " आओ  हिंदी  बोलें Let's Speak Hindi (Junior)" 

This course introduces students to the language and culture of India and Hindi speaking parts of the world. The overall goal is to develop functional communicative abilities in students to express basic communication needs in culturally appropriate ways. The skills of listening and speaking will be attained by students being exposed to rich authentic linguistic and cultural teaching contexts that emphasize students’ developing competency in Hindi language and culture.

Child should able to do basic conversation about themselves, their family, friends, hobbies, daily routine and India travel etc.

Students Can:

Cultural gestures of greeting and proper ways to greet and introduce different people within a variety of cultural contexts.
Express their feelings, opinions, preferences and can compare between two language context cultures.
Give Simple commands, expressions of need, and vocabulary of goods and services.

Role Play in various real-life settings like meeting a family friend, wats App calling to relative in India, expressing their likes and dislikes, Participants should be able to create a short video of themselves to be uploaded on VHS YouTube channel & Facebook page.

Day (Twice a week)

(Monday/Tuesday) (Tuesday/Thursday) (Friday/Sunday)


11 am CST - 1 pm CST 3 pm CST - 5 pm CST
Duration : 1 June 2020 to 31 July 2020

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