Price: 199$(16 Classes, 2 Hours per Class) VHS Certificate after Completion...............

Course Description: "आओ  हिंदी  पढ़ें  और  लिखें Let's Read & Write Hindi (Junior)"

This course introduces students to the language and culture of India and Hindi speaking parts of the world. The overall goal is to develop functional communicative abilities in students to express basic communication needs in culturally appropriate ways. The skills of reading, listening, writing, and speaking will be attained by students being exposed to rich authentic linguistic and cultural teaching contexts that emphasize students’ developing competency in Hindi language and culture. Students learn to communicate, comprehend, and present, in oral and written form, on a variety of very familiar and predictable topics using isolated words and learned phrases in the context of Cultures, Connections, and Comparisons.

A child should able to do basic a conversation about themselves, their family, friends, hobbies, daily routine and India travels etc.
Students Can:
Read and listen to descriptions and identify the corresponding pictures or illustrations.
Prepare and present short illustrated personal descriptions
Understand brief and written or spoken messages.
Prepare and present short illustrated personal descriptions and fill personal information

Out Come
Create posters, fill forms, skits or dialogues, simple stories, audio or video presentations, take surveys, create posters, identify action in videos.

Day (Twice a week)

(Monday/Tuesday)          (Tuesday/Thursday)        (Friday/Sunday)      


11 am CST - 1 pm CST    3 pm CST - 5 pm CST   

Duration : 1 June 2020 to 31 July 2020

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